Aggravated Assault DUI Prostitution
Aggravated Battery DUI Manslaughter Obstruction of Justice
Aggravated Stalking Embezzlement Organized Scheme to Defraud
Armed Burglary Environmental Crimes Perjury
Armed Kidnapping Extortion Possession of Drugs With Intent to Sale
Armed Robbery Exploitation of the Elderly Public Corruption
Armed Trafficking Firearm Offenses Racketeering
Arson Forfeiture Reckless Driving
Assault Forgery Resisting Arrest
Attempted Murder Fraud Sale of Drugs
Battery Grand Jury Testimony Securities Violations
Battery on Elderly Habitual Traffic Offender Sentencing Modifications and Reversals
Battery on Law Enforcement Healthcare Fraud Sexual Assault
Bribery Identity Theft Sexual Battery
Burglary Indecent Exposure Solicitation
Child Abuse and Molestation Insurance Fraud Stalking
Child Neglect Internet Crimes Tax Fraud
Conspiracy Kidnapping Theft
Counterfeiting Leaving the Scene of an Accident Petty Theft
Credit Card Fraud Lewd & Lascivious Conduct Grand Theft
Criminal Mischief Mail Fraud Vehicular Homicide
Driving with Suspended License Manslaughter Vehicular Manslaughter
Driving Under the Influence Medicare Fraud Violation of Injunction
Drunk Driving Money Laundering White Collar Crimes
Drug Possession Murder Witness Tampering / Threats
Drug Trafficking Post-Conviction Relief